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Our kittens grow up very close to our family, other cats and our dogs!

For the first 8 weeks, they live together with their mother in the spacious, separate nursery. By glass separation, they can see that the world goes further and there is still much to discover.

Of course the mother can go out of the nursery anytime, if she wants to move freely and socialize!

After appropriate development and the first nose-to-nose contacts with the other animals, they are allowed to move into the large cat room. Now it really starts!

Kitten age, when leaving home

Our kittens leave earliest their home with 16 weeks!

I think it’s really sad, that many deliver their kittens before the 16th week. Often the dwarfs enjoy the milk bar with 14 weeks and still cuddle very much with their mother.

But I think it is irresponsible to sell kittens before the 12th week. Anyone who has experienced the love and affection of a mother cat, knows how much she is attached to her babies. Conversely, the kittens still need their mother. There is no justification for such an early delivery!

There is no reason to sell a kitten at the age before 12 weeks! This must be ignorance, indifference and laziness. I know, with the 8th week the work starts. The little ones now whiz through the area, especially at this age unintentionally scratching the furniture while playing wildly, trying to get on the dining table and sometimes something goes wrong. Now everyone asks for his petting, the first education is on, everywhere are balls and small game mice around and you’re actually only cleaning all day. If you are looking for a good socialization, you need a lot of time and empathy. There is no better teacher and educator than their own cat mom!

Please belive me, a kitten at this age is still really small and playful.

You will not regret waiting. Promised!

So if you are interested in a kitten, or you just want to see our animals, you are welcome to visit us!

Our kittens can be visited around the 6th week, but only by eye-contact.

Around 10 weeks you can come to play and for cuddles! Now th emost importants vaccinations are done!

Please do not take it personally if I ask you to wash your hands, hygiene is especially important if we have kittens younger than 12 weeks!

You have found your dream kitten? If it is still free, you can make a binding reservation with a deposit!

We take for every kitten the same deposit about 300 €.

Your kitten can move to your home with 16 weeks, until then, of course your darling can be visited anytime!

At this age, the kitten is dewormed several times, chipped and 2x vaccinated against cat flu / cat disease!

Usually we bring our kittens in their new home.

In the travel bag is

  • a folder with all documents (purchase contract, pedigree, vaccination certificate, health certificate, copies of the various attestations of the parents, for pets a castration confirmation and a small book with tips, feed suggestions and recipes for the cat)
  • a little surprise for you!
  • food, so you can spend the first few days without changing the diet (this is the dry food, ready-made food and the usual baby flakes)
  • Candys
  • the own cuddle-blanket with which the kitten grew up
  • the favorite toy
  • a transport box (this box is a few weeks before moving out as a cuddly cave in the cat room, so they connect the box with something positive)

Of course, I am also after the delivery for a whole cat life long with advice, assistance and your questions by your side!


For me it is very important to find the right owner for each kitten, that’s why I write here in advance our criterior for interested persons.

We NOT give our babies to …

… people, who only want to have one cat.

… people, when a roommate is completely against to buy a cat.

… people who do not want to identify themselves.

… people, who not take care about free running.

… people who do not accept the price.



The reservation can be canceled (which is unusual for breeders) basically until the 16th week. The deposit will be paid back if the kitten has found a new and suitable place to the 18th week at the latest, or has been re-paid with a deposit.

Otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited and will NOT be paid out! This also applies to unexcused no coming to the agreed “pick-up” date.