Our dogs

Our cats live together with our dogs. Therefore, the kittens are knowing the dogs as well.


Our pack


Our samojed is born in 2010. He keeps us all busy, loves every kind of visit and usually welcomes them loudly. Otherwise, he is a super-cute and lovely male with XXL mane.


In 2015 we got this great Amstaff girl in puppy age. She comes from the breeder’s house Robustaff and is a beautiful girl, even if the ears did not want to lie down. She loves the cat troop very much and cultivates especially with Daisy a close friendship. A dream of a dog!


Our baby, Aaron, joined our pack in the spring of 2017. With this boy we have fulfilled another wish and we are glad about this decision. He comes from a great mating of Tigerwood’s Kennel. Our black flash still has a lot of fuss in mind. Also, he got used to the cats very fast and also fits in well with our live.