Welcome to Soullion’s !

Soullion’s is a small cattery in Austria. Located in Schwertberg.
In 2013, I discovered this breed and I felt in love. This passion has grown so much that I decided to engage with their breeding.
Breeding does for me not mean to multiply indiscriminately. It means to obtain the breed standard by selection.

My cattery is based on three foundations.

1. Health
2. Temperament
3. Breed standard

The health of the animals is the most important thing for me!
What does it mean for a breeder to have the most beautiful cat in the world if she is not healthy?
It is absolutely irresponsible for me to breed with sick animals. In my eyes, this is not breeding, just propagation.
Especially in times when the heart muscle disease HCM (see info) is a big topic, breeding means a lot of responsibility.


The Maine Coon is an incredibly gentle, social and affectionate cat and has not without a reason the nickname “Gentle Giant”.
It is extremely important to me to maintain their “good nature”. At the slightest sign of a “malignant” trait, I would no longer breed with this cat. Thankfully, such behavior has never occurred to me, which shows how valuable it is for breeders to acquire their animals from other good breeders who are also careful.


Of course, the breed standard is also very important. But it should not be at the top of the list of priorities. At least that’s my attitude.
Personally, I am a member of FIFè and therefore stick to the FIFè breed standard.

Something about me …

Since I can remember back we had animals. Already at a young age my mother enabled me to raise with animals and to take responsibility by myself. No matter if fishes, birds, hamsters, rabbits, a sheep, dogs, horses or even spiders and snakes. She always supported me with all my wishes and showed me what responsibility and love to animals means.
The unusual thing is that I’ve never really cared about cats like other animals. In fact, we never had our own cat. Cats were for me always the independent animals who do not need anyone and then scratch and bite sometimes if something does not suit them.

When I got older and went to work, I wanted an animal again. My former partner insisted on cats and I agreed. I wallow in race books and I liked these Maine Coons. When we picked up Daisy and Gatsby, I would not have imagined this extreme infatuation with a cat. But they quickly taught me something else and soon there was another girl, which also took my heart fast.

Today I only talk about cats. They have become my hobby, my life and I could not imagine it without a cat.

This is the MAGIC of Maine Coon!