Price of a Maine Coon

How the prices are calculated

The request is high and many providers are untrustworthy “black breeder” who breed without pedigree.

On many online-sale-portals, especially on, “purebred” Maine Coons are sold for very high or low prices. When you take a closer look, it quickly becomes clear that the most will be sold without pedigrees. Without vaccinations and health certificates …

I am a member of ÖVEK (FIFe). A membership costs 40 € and a pedigree about 20 €.

Please ask yourself why there are so many cats without a pedigree to buy.

“Black breeders” do not want to follow the rules!

A truly responsible breeder, even if believed by many, does not get rich by breeding cats!

Normaly you can be happy not to make a big loss.

Breeding is a very expensive hobby.

A healthy and beautiful breeding cat costs between 1500 € – 2500 €. Now you need the right male. Either you invest the same again, or ….

     …if you do not have your own male, you can pay over 1000 € for stud services.

Veterinary costs – To prove the health of the animals, genetic tests and veterinary certificates are necessary! PKD, SMA, HCM – genetic tests and yearly heart and kidney ultrasound, FELV – blood tests and vaccinations, regular deworming, and other vaccinations. HD and elbow x-rays, etc.

With breeding and exhibition animals, vaccination against rabies is required. For the yearly refresher of the vaccinations and the ultrasounds then again to pay about 300 €. Deworming 4-6 times a year. For an eight kilogram cat, that is 3-4 times more of the deworming cost as these are usually used for 2-3 kg heavy animals. So per animal and year again 60 €.

Other veterinary costs – Even if your house is really clean, you feed best food and take really care, your animals can become ill! Do not underestimate the unplanned costs of a vet visit. Examinations, X-ray, ultrasound and medication.

Very good food with best quality is very expensive. For example when you have 6 cats, you can pay about 300€ monthly only for the food. Of course you can pay around 100€ too, but you will not have good quality.

Good scratching furniture is expensive too! I have already invested 2500 € in 3 years. And they must be regularly replaced and changed. You pay a lot of time and money if you want a nice looking home.

Shows – if you wanrt to exhibit your animals to get titles, you need really much money and time again. Equipment, entry fee, special products for the coat … but you have to go from time to time, if you want to see if your cat really is in standard.

You need brushes, toilets (thes should be changed from time to time too), equipment for kittens and the kittenroom, toys, boxes, litter, cleaning stuff and much more … you need really much of these things.

And last but not least TIME. You can not belive how much time you need! You have to clean every day if you want a clean house, you have to take care for your cats fur, food, water. You have to play  and cuddle with them. So you need many hours a day.

You see, a good cattery needs very much time and is really expensive!

 Because of that, pets still have a price between 

850€ – 1000€.

This price  is only fair, when these points are checked …

1. Pedigree

2. Chip

3. Vaccination certificate

4. Veterinarily proven deworming

5. Health certificate

6. Castration

7. Health certificates from parents

In the selling portals again and again animals without any fulfillment of these points are traded and sold for 400 € – 800 €!

Animals in breed- and showquality with breeding-licence have a price between 1500€ – 2000€.

My animals and the breeding are my very expensive hobby, which I carry out with a lot of responsibility!

I go to work for money and it is irresponsible try to make money with breeding!

Please pay close attention to the purchase of an animal! Visit the breeder, get your own thoughts of how the animals live and do not let yourself be attracted by “low prices”!

Let the breeder show you pedigrees, certificates, rooms, vaccination passes and membership cards of the association!

Be suspicious if you not get a look at all the animals, you are not allowed to enter the apartment for various reasons, or you only get to see a selected room!

Also pay attention to the behavior of the animals! If they are all scared and twitching with every sound, maybe the cats are not integrated in life and live locked away.

If you heed these things, you will acquire a beautiful, truly thoroughbred and lovely animal from whose health you will enjoy for a long time!