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Daisy is something special for me and does not confirm that females can not be very soft and lovely.
She is one of my first cats and the reason why I learned to love this breed so much.
She has green eyes, a good profile and a nice deep chin.
Her nature is very loving and calm, which makes her an incredibly great mother. She follows every step of the way and wants to be there anytime, anywhere. She is inheriting this incredible temper to all kittens. A dream for every breeder.

health checks

Laboklin HCM – Genetic test N/N

Blood Group A

echocardiography and Kidney-Sonography at 23.01.2017 – negative

4 years



3 years

Daisy 3,5 Jahre

Daisy 3 Jahre

5 months

Daisy 5 Monate