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Kater Gatsby

Our Gatsby came to us with his charming sister Daisy in 2014.
Gatsby is an incredibly gentle and loving Maine Coon. He embodies the temper of Maine Coon exactly as it should.
With his charming style, he wraps each visitor around the finger and he likes to get his extra cuddles.
He is very compatible with other cats and helps with his patience and good nature always in the rearing as soon as the little ones crawl out of the box. No matter where you are, he always has to be there and loves to present himself. The heart of the group!

health checks

Laboklin HCM – Genetic test   N/N

Blood Group  A

echocardiography  at 01.02.2016 – negative

echocardiography and Kidney-Sonography  at 23.01.2017 – negative

5 years

4 years


5 months

Kater Gatsby 5 Monate