How we feed our cats


Despite their domestication, our cats are carnivores, which comes from Latin and means meat-eater. The natural prey of the cat includes small mammals such as mice, but also birds and insects.

Because of that, we feed meat and high quality wetfood.

We feed our cats daily  2 – 3 times wetfood. We choose meat and wetfood from this brands, Herrmann`s Manufraktur, MjamMjam, Granatapet, Sandras Schmankerl and Feringa. We really take care to buy bio meat and grain free products with high protein and less carbs.

We dislike dry food because it`s not natural for cats, eating food whose humidity is only about 10 %.

Still we did a compromise with dryfood, because our cats ( specially the kittens who have a fast growth ) like to have a snack between the meals. We both are working and on working days its not possible to give more food than three times a day. So we decided, that we give it a few hours a day when we are at work.

We have some high protein, low carb and grain free dryfood from the brand Orijen.

But this is only 10% of their daily nutrition.